I won’t forget 

I won’t forget 


February is nigh 

February is nigh 

My light

My salvation

With You I have nothing to fear

My fortress, protecting me from danger, I can be confident in You

Be steady and don’t tremble, He is with me

Don’t be afraid, oh my heart, even when the attacks come, remain confident

He knows your requests, He knows that you take the utmost delight in spending your days before Him – embrace the detour

Focus on His perfections and meditate under the shadow of His wings

You shall be hidden in Him and He has placed you out of the reach of danger, on a high rock

Don’t despair, He hears you as you pray and He is merciful, be patient the answer is coming

He shall not leave or abandon you

For He is the God of your salvation

He will show you how to live and He will lead you along the right path – it looks different than what you imagined but that’s ok

You will see His goodness whilst you live, wait patiently for Him and be brave and full of courage

Once again, be brave

Psalm 27

Don’t lie to yourself

Don’t lie to yourself

Too often we are asking God for clarity about certain relationships and the answer is right before our eyes. We ask God to make it clear…and He does.

And we ask again, please Father let me know, and He does! However, because we desire our will so desperately, we fail to accept God’s truth concerning certain relationships.
Don’t ignore what God is telling you
One thing I can promise you is if you truly seek His face regarding any relationship, He will make His will known unto you, read Ephesians 5:17.

It is not God’s will to keep you in the dark. In His Word, He reminds us that His people will know the light and not be kept in the dark, refer to John 12:46. But you have to understand, God will not force His will upon you. He gives us a warning before the great fall. It is our choice whether to heed the warning or continue on to the great fall.
Trust Him.
Proverbs 3:5-6 puts it best. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding. Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”

See, when God gives us a red light, it is for our best interest. For this reason, it makes no sense running the red because we are bound to get hurt or even injured. Psalm 84:11 reminds us that God will not withhold any good thing from us. So you don’t have to question a rightful relationship, if you are seeking God first, He will give you a peace to move forward or warn you to move into a different direction.”

The Vine Dresser

The Vine Dresser

Who are you wearing?

Which words do you consume?

Jesus told us that His Father is the Vine Dresser*. It’s important to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you which season you are in. With our myopic, limited vision, it’s easy for us to think that if the T’s aren’t crossed and the I’s aren’t dotted, than it must be the enemy coming against God’s plan for our lives.

However, how do we behave when we receive the revelation that it’s the Father who has pressed hold in certain areas of our lives? How do we react when He tells us to be quiet and still, to wait upon Him, do good and dwell in the land?

In these times of impatience, confusion, apathy and weariness, Jesus has something to say to us – remain in Me…you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing**.

We know this oh too well but let’s be honest, it’s not easy to stay in a relationship with the Casting Director who promised you a Lead role in His Story; only to then place you as a cameo for a few scenes. It’s easy to believe the words of the Critic, and spend time complaining with the other models, instead of spending time learning from the lessons of other models which have been documented in the Manual.

Doing the above is nothing short of an #epicfail.

But, Jesus steps in – if you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you. This is for the Father’s  glory***.

And the award for the most succinct but weighty sayings goes to The Lord and Saviour of the world.

Staying dressed in the robes of the Lamb of God in the middle of a financial, spiritual, emotional, relational or physical heatwave is far from easy, however He says that we should stay in Him. Stay dressed in His righteousness, taking up His character and nature when everything else around us would excuse us to through out the promises, hope and dreams that He handed you at the beginning of the Walk.

We know that remaining in Him is like a well-fitting winter coat, without out it we won’t make it through the winter.

Whilst we embrace what He has clothed us with,He tells us what we should consume.

No more malnutrition, purging and binge-eating – this is a total makeover; the inside and the outside of the vessel need to be realigned. Which words will we feast on? Words of doubt, guilt, condemnation, fear, shame, anger or resentment? Or will we go for the more expensive, more intention driven alternatives of hope, love, faith, joy, contentment, praise, thanksgiving?

Have a glimpse through the Manual and look at the words that Jesus spoke. In Matthew, there are three chapters in particular (five, six and seven) where Jesus addresses everything from sexual purity, to worry, to loving the unloveable, why we are here, giving to those in need, the wise, the foolish, the false prophets and how to navigate the Walk. it’s all there – on an all you can eat buffet and it costs nothing. We have to choose to sit at the table and eat until we are full.

Once we have the words of Jesus nourishing our emotions, thoughts, desires and strengthening our inner man, we can be sure that whatever we ask will be in line with what He delights in.

There is a promise but there is also a predestined route to reach the destination. If we ask for what we want, but were too lazy to take up all that Jesus has given us – freedom and forgiveness, then our requests will not reflect His words. If we are dealing with unforgiveness, we will take up Jesus and remember how much He loved us and as a result He has forgiven us for all of our sins, We would then look at His words and we shall be reminded that He instructs us to forgive those who have wronged us, just as the Father has forgiven us. By the time we come to put forward our requests, by His grace and His Spirit – what we ask would’ve changed and we will bear the fruit being able to let go and the Father gets all of the glory!

*John 15: 1 ESV

**John 15:5 NIV

***John 15:7-8a NIV


Then Again

He will restore you
After going through tough relationships, it is important to stop and take care of your needs. Simply put – you have to ask God to restore you.
Only He can restore.
We have to remember when relationships do not work out as planned or come to a halt, it is through God and God alone that we can be restored.

See, sometimes we look for restoration by seeking another relationship to mend the pain of a previous relationship. As a result, we find ourselves similar to Tarzan “swinging from vine to vine,” or shall I say person to person. Because of our desire for love or being in a rightful relationship, we neglect to allow emotional healing before moving forward to the rightful relationships God has for us.
Then again –
Recently I read my Bible, I had the opportunity to read Mark 8:23-25. It discusses a miracle performed by Jesus Christ. It stated Jesus spat on a blind man’s eyes and questioned whether he was able to see. The man was only able to see men as if they were trees. Then again, Jesus rubbed the man’s eyes and then he was able to see clearly! Then again! Then again, Jesus rubbed his eyes!
Many times in life, we give up too easy on relationships that God has destined for our lives. We simply get discouraged when a relationship does not work out according to our plans. As a result, we tend to doubt that God is able to restore. We must understand that through prayers, we are able to obtain a breakthrough for our relationships. Although we may not see it today, God is working on our behalf! You see, in this passage, Jesus wasn’t finish with the man yet and He is not finished with you!
Maybe today you have given up on a child that you long to be saved, or a spouse that has turned the other way, or maybe you just feel defeated in the area of relationships, know that God can restore. Are you just another touch away from your victory? Stand strong declaring these two words – “Then again!”