Isha Victoria

Posts are written by Isha Victoria who repented of her sins and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour in September 2011. 

If you were ever to bump into Isha as she travels around London via public transport, you can be certain that she’s in a rush with Praise & Worship blasting through her earphones or she will be waist deep in the Bible or reading a devotional or five on her iPhone. 

However, The Holy Spirit frequently interrupts and inspires her to pen (or to make Notes on an app on her phone) Musings about The Lord Jesus Christ and His Church in the format of Journal entries, incorporating her multiple interests, passions and talents including Fashion Modelling as metaphors.

Over the years Isha has written about topics that impact the follower of Jesus Christ’s everyday life including; Baptism, God’s Divine Plan and our part within it and Grace

Isha is also the Author of Devoted: Falling deeply in love with Jesus Christ through engaging with God’s Word